Greyfield is a design and manufacturing company of audio and video communication equipment and a national distributor for other CCTV and alarm manufacturers.  You will find Greyfield products wherever drive-up or walk-up business takes place including Financial Institutions, Quick-Serve Restaurants, Pharmacies, Public Utilities, and businesses requiring secure access including ticket offices for sporting events.  Additionally, our audio/video equipment is installed in high security locations for law enforcement, municipal government buildings, cash replenishment centers, prisons and jails.  

Greyfield manufactures a full-duplex audio system which has been our staple for over 35 years.  Today, we use the latest in technology to offer advanced solutions such as a TCP/IP based VOIP audio and V2IP audio/video networkable communications system. This TCP/IP based system is capable of meeting many installation requirements such as wireless, LAN/WAN and large scale applications. 

Greyfield is pleased to be a distributor for companies such as Guardall, March Networks, and Ikegami as an OEM distributor of CCTV surveillance products.

For more information, please contact our sales department at or call (513) 874-3733.